Gift Ideas: Ukrainian Christmas Shopping

Ukrainian brands are making more interesting and quality things every day, and the number of shops and fairs where they can be found, is increasing.

For example, this year many Christmas fairs are held all over the city. From clothing to food and Christmas decorations, you can find a lot Ukrainian-made goods there.

You can pick up themed warm sweaters with ornaments for the whole family - the brand "Neimovirna" prices start from 600 uah. TM "Folk Moda" also made a collection of themed sweaters for kids and adult, with somewhat lower prices - children's sweaters will cost 349 uah and adults - 449 uah.

What are the holidays without a Christmas tree? "Smereka-Plus" offers locally made artificial Christmas trees starting from 433 uah. Another producer of artificial Christmas trees, LLC "Quasar", offers fir-trees and pine trees. Rates start from 220 uah. Both manufacturers also produce Christmas decorations with artificial branches, garlands, wreaths, candlesticks and Christmas trees in mini format.

Cards, Gift envelopes and envelopes for gift money can be bought in a "Poshtivka" store. Other interesting Ukrainian cards can be found in "Dobra Lystivka" store. Buying them you are helping children too :)

Unique ceramic Christmas decorations can be found at SoulFul Ceramics. There also are Christmas decorations in ceramics shop "Pretty Plate". Sewn Christmas decorations are offered by "Etnomaysternya Koza Dereza".

If you long for traditional Christmas goodies, you will certainly notice the Lol&Pop striped candy canes. There are other winter themed sets of sweet caramel at this store.

There are things that you’re not going to need after the holidays, but they create fantastic mood for Christmas and make perfect gifts! For example, Churchill brand makes bowties with snowmen, snowflakes and Christmas tree prints.

Broccoli decor offers wonderful sets for photo shoots, and Vintage Manufactory sells beautiful festive decorations.

The Bureaucraft industrial design workshop prepared wooden lamps in forms of deer and trees for the holidays.

There is another great offer for Christmas gifts: the "Otvet 42" shop sells dishes and mugs with funny drawings on them. This deer is festive and patriotic at the same time!

Gingerbread is the undisputed hit of the Christmas season! Now you can find it in almost any confectionery or a souvenir shop. For example, grab some at Tarabakery.

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