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Title: Suicide Sites Targeting Teenagers
Post by: JTF on 12:10 15-Feb-2017
Stumbled upon something sinister going on, on the Internet. It's online suicide sect called Sea of Whales, Blue Whales, F57, Wake me up at 4:20, etc. etc. Mostly have public and private groups on VK.com. Starts with a game of death, where they're assigned a no., have 50 days till the final step, involves lots of drawings of flying/rising whales, whales drawn on body with self inflicted wounds. Area mostly affected is CIS, ranging from Kazakhstan, Russia and eventually incidents from Ukraine have come up. 130 kids have already taken their lives in Russia alone (may 2016).

Reason for posting all this is to spread the word amongst parents and friends, to keep them informed and alert. Observant. The whole story seems like a crime thriller/mystery. But what alarms are the real deaths.

The investigation came up first on the following site:
https://www.novayagazeta.ru/articles/2016/05/16/68604-gruppy-smerti-18 (https://www.novayagazeta.ru/articles/2016/05/16/68604-gruppy-smerti-18)

The only detailed reporting I found without digging deep is Dailymail:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3607491/Sinister-Russian-suicide-sites-fat-shame-trick-happy-teenagers-taking-lives-member-date-time-place-DEATH.html (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3607491/Sinister-Russian-suicide-sites-fat-shame-trick-happy-teenagers-taking-lives-member-date-time-place-DEATH.html)

Recently reported by Korrespondent Ukraine:
http://korrespondent.net/ukraine/events/3814747-hruppy-smerty-v-ukrayne-kak-kyty-ubyvauit-detei (http://korrespondent.net/ukraine/events/3814747-hruppy-smerty-v-ukrayne-kak-kyty-ubyvauit-detei)

And Warned by the Ukrainian Police, cyber division:
https://www.cybercrime.gov.ua/16-novosti/185-uvaga-batki-sujitsidalna-grupa#news (https://www.cybercrime.gov.ua/16-novosti/185-uvaga-batki-sujitsidalna-grupa#news)

Title: Re: Suicide Sites Targeting Teenagers
Post by: David Rochlin on 12:30 15-Feb-2017
This is a global phenomenon with suicide groups in the West as well.  There is a kind of bully that thrives on luring or goading vulnerable teens and depressive people to suicide. 
Title: Re: Suicide Sites Targeting Teenagers
Post by: frank1010 on 12:40 15-Feb-2017
Luring vulnerable teens and unstable people ... reminds me of the tactics of ISIS to drag people into their terroristic war .....
Title: Re: Suicide Sites Targeting Teenagers
Post by: David Rochlin on 23:58 15-Feb-2017
While suffering depression, people are capable of making decisions like suicide that they would not make if not in that mental state. Usually if the attempt fails they regret it later.   Many of us do cheer the Darwin awards.  There is a certain validity to that way of thinking about it, that suicide is just evolution in action.   In Ukraine I am told, mental illness is a big shame on a family.  Teens particularly, lack perspective from experiences and don't know that unpopularity and school bullying and failed romance will all fade to near insignificance in time.