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Re: experiences that you were cheated by Ukrainians?
« Reply #15 on: 20:53 11-Jun-2017 »
In any large progressive, Urban city, the bigger, the more likely, there are dinner parties happening where wealthy middle aged couples are openly discussing and comparing their sexual adventures.  In front of their wives, husbands tell about the pretty young thing they conquered.  Some wives have stories about affairs.  Moscow, Kyiv, NYC, this is how people in the circles of high society behave.  The husbands will usually say, they love their wives, and they can't love a much younger woman or girl and even believe it, making the situation a bit less bitter for some wives who are sort of trained to belive this too.  There have been newspaper and magazine articles on the topic of this urban culture. 
   Young women usually aren't sexually interested in very much older men, although there are exceptions.  For the most part, the younger women assume the men they meet are married and that they have a right to a real boyfriend, usually closer to their own age.  This situation is not new or about modern girls.  Fifteen or twenty years ago, they called them "Cool Girls," I think.  There are eighteen year old girls in Kyiv who own an apartment and a business and say they worked hard for it.   
    As far as the old expat, young lady thing being mostly a thing of the past.  The Sexpat experience is definitely a mere shadow of the Ukrainian industry it once was, on the demand side, because of the war and the marketing disaster for tourism it represents and has been moving on to greener pastures.   But, on the supply side, there are a lot more desperate women than there were before the war.   

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Re: experiences that you were cheated by Ukrainians?
« Reply #16 on: 20:56 11-Jun-2017 »
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I do see the odd aged brit / american towing obvious eye candy around who has no emotional relationship with them but they are very few and far between...

Who is towing who I wonder?
The man may be the head, but the woman is the neck that turns the head.
Did I correctly use this old Ukrainian proverb?

I agree there are many genuine cross-cultural relationships where both partners are very happy. Lots of honest girls here just looking for a good man and vice versa (not a new story obviously), not necessarily foreigners but someone who treats the other with respect, care, etc.

I was just illustrating that sometimes one person's hopes are another person's leverage.

"Her Old Man" is just a term I heard bandied about by some girls as they verbally eviscerated some Suchka who was accompanied by an older gentleman.
Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given.

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Re: experiences that you were cheated by Ukrainians?
« Reply #17 on: 21:45 17-Jul-2017 »
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Just yesterday in Kyiv,  I encountered a scammer for about the fifth time.  Most of the time, this guy is in Odessa, short guy wearing a baseball cap.  He would prey on tourists at the Potemkinsky steps.  I was a frequent flyer there, because I have climbed and descended as many as eight times in a day, for exercise.  Anyway, the guy would approach near the top and introduce himself in good American English as a hard on his luck interpreter, shakes hand, tells about his relatives in the US.  Then announces he had TB, just finished a six month course of treatment and could I give him 80 UAH to help him get a train home, etc.  (This was years ago.)   Anyway, this guy's MO is that he can't remember who he scammed.  I have since encountered him a few more times.  Once he actually followed me to my daily rental and entered when I answered the door.  Once he started his pitch in front of the steakhouse and ran away when I reminded him that we had done this before a couple times.
    Well now this guy is lurking about on Kreshchatyk str., in Kyiv!  He started his rancid spiel on me yesterday.  I just told him I was leaving at the beginning and made sure he didn't follow me.

Hi David and actually listening to your story it seems your not innocent here. Rule number # 1.. you should not even have stayed around him long enough to hear his BS story. If you did, then he won half the battle.  In general its best to put your hand up  to block and  walk away. Same everywhere, regardless if UA or NY.

As for UA scammers. The funny thing is most people who get scammed who are Westerners don't realize it because we recognize a bargain when compared to  our own native homes. An example would be  paying for a car ride 10 dollars to get across town. Foreigner thinks hes winning because it costs 30  back in UK, but the  REAL local price is 3 dollars. Way to avoid these scams is for those staying long enough to find out the REAL economy.

That being said, Scammers are everywhere. My biggest   incidents have been in NYC with Dental professionals. In NY its  harder to find an honest dentist lol. UA scammers  tended to be harmless if one had a small amount of common sense. You can also do what locals do..scream NYET and  run away.