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Title: Where to go?
Post by: Chaneyjd on 19:19 11-Jan-2018
I'm planning a trip in the next few days.  I live in Kremenchug, and I'm planning on going south.  Does anyone know anything interesting to do in Dniprotrovesk or Zaporizhia? Just trying to make a few plans before I head out.  I was planning on going back to Bukovel but it's been a mild winter so i'm not sure how fun it would be there either.
Title: Re: Where to go?
Post by: Tnic on 20:40 11-Jan-2018
Ashan and Silpo?

They're both industrial cities, mostly steel mills with Dnepro having the major river ports.  Dnepro is very nice in the summer with the riverside cafes and beaches, which are shutdown for the most part in winter.

Maybe go visit Lviv?  European, historic, great food and a good cup of coffee can be had at the coffee factory on the old trade center square place.  There's even tour trolleys with several choices of languages (the little recordings in a box thing iirc).
Title: Re: Where to go?
Post by: Chaneyjd on 21:06 11-Jan-2018
We have been to Lviv about 4 times in the last few years.  We've been to Odessa a few times also.  We were planning on driving south down the Dniper and spending a few days in each city.  Bukovel might be in the cards also. 
Title: Re: Where to go?
Post by: Reggie on 22:07 11-Jan-2018

If I remember correctly, there were some expats in Dniper recently looking for friends / someone to get a coffee or beer with.

PM them ... maybe get a beer there in Dniper, share some stories.
Title: Re: Where to go?
Post by: Chaneyjd on 11:13 12-Jan-2018
Maybe the trip is cancelled, My wife plowed into the back of a 5 ton Russian work truck this morning with our Rav4.  It was broken down on the side of the road and didn't have the signs or anything down until after she hit it.  She's ok but it might be a few weeks until our car is out of the shop.  Maybe we will take the train to Bukovel instead.