Author Topic: Cash Machine "Shimmer" replaces the Hacking Skimmer  (Read 1160 times)

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Re: Cash Machine "Shimmer" replaces the Hacking Skimmer
« Reply #15 on: 08:35 12-Mar-2017 »
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I think you can ask your bank to disable credit transactions for your bank card, thereby making it only usable with the PIN as a debit card.  If that doesn't work you can just ask them to set the daily limit for credit transactions as low as possible.

And in addition, set the acct to not allow over drafts.

I've had my cards blocked a few times over the years due to fraud use that had nothing to do with skimmers or shimmers.  Best idea is to have more than one acct (I have 3) with a separate card for each one so you can still function (and transfer from one to another online) if one card is compromised.
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Re: They Got Me
« Reply #16 on: 09:16 12-Mar-2017 »
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Today I received alerts from my bank that someone tried to use my ATM card in Russia.  Of course, my card was safely in my wallet ... so I must have run afoul of a skimmer.

I've been back in the US for almost four weeks, so the skimmer might have been at my nearest branch ATM ... but I suppose there's a good chance it was in Ukraine, where I used the card many times in the last few months.

This raises a practical problem for me:  my card is now dead, and it was one of the last of the true ATM cards (banks in the US only want to issue debit cards).  I wanted the plain ATM card specifically because it is useless without the PIN, and therefore safer for me to use in former Soviet countries.

If a US debit card is stolen, it can be used to make purchases without the PIN.

If I can only get a debit card, it will probably have a chip (EMV) ... but I haven't seen an ATM in Ukraine that I understood to be chip-capable.

If anybody knows of a bank in Ukraine that uses EMV technology in its ATMs, please post about it here!

you can also do many settings for your bank card yourself if you use the online service from your bank. even privat has this. as for me I use jpmorgan/chase and if they see a transaction that does not seem the norm or is not in the country I informed  them I would be they block the card and send me email asking about it.