Author Topic: Trump Almost Disappears from Russian News  (Read 1186 times)

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Re: Trump Almost Disappears from Russian News
« Reply #15 on: 07:57 14-Mar-2017 »
Russia supports Western environmental groups largely, because they suppress development of resources that compete with Russia's oil and metals economy.  It has little to do with Hillary's campaign.  Russia attacks the same groups if they dare to protest or interfere with similar resource development in Russia, as in the case of Greenpeace trying to occupy Russian offshore oil platforms in the arctic.   A good example of Russia's attitude is everyone's favorite Russian, Steven Seagal.  We all remember his iconic anti-drilling action films :D  .   But, despite that history, he is fake friends with Putin and had nothing to say about the arrest and prosecution of Greenpeace activists.   
    Russia clearly spent many millions of dollars trying to destroy Hillary in the months prior to election day.  But, I am convinced that Russian strategy is the same as it has been in Europe, simply to divide Americans and not necessarily win elections, but to make sure establishment politicians like Hillary are weak and that opposition parties are strong and sympathetic to Russia and that establishment politicians are forced to appeal to opposition voters to have enough consensus to rule. 
I don't think they expected Trump to win.  I think the situation with Sanders and Russian's natural love of conspiracy theories, left Russian leaders certain that Hillary's victory was certain to happen, that the election would be rigged.  They probably believed that until the final weeks, that Hillary would win, as most of us did.
   And yes, it is not much different than the situation in Israel.  Obama supported Natanyahu's opponents. And clearly today, all Western leaders have shown displeasure with Erdogan's election in Turkey, and now constitutional plebicite.