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The only reason women are "desperate" to go for men in Turkey is for the wallet, plain and simple. Don't believethe hype. I am a single man who is 31 and am living here for a number of years.. I will not lie, compared to my home country women are Better looking and great in bed as well.. However I must admit I am unsure how it is on the other side of the coin. The key here is to have your spidey sense up- if you are american, learn to see how / if someone might want you for your passport.

After 3 years in Ukraine I developed this sense mighty quick. Any woman with a "Turkey mentality", ie complaining aboutUkraine, all men suck, I want to emigrate (anywhere)  - will be dropped like a hot potato by me. Complaining isn't attractive.
That is so true, when I am in Muslim countries and I don't know what that is. What about other expats, do they ever date expats? I'm not looking for dates on this forum, just the possibility of actually finding a life partner during the time that I am living in Kiev. Thanks for your honesty! And, btw, Grandma? I don't think so.
Move to one of the Caucasus countries like Georgia or Armenia and you will have zillions of suitors.
I am sure there are still enough ladies lurking on the board to answer this question accurately, and perhaps if they won't post, they might PM you.  The comparison to Moscow is valid:  The main risk of Kyiv for a woman of any nationality, is that the men are extremely cynical, more likely to cheat or if they can afford it, hide a second family.  Men are somewhat shorter supply, mostly due to alcohol, drugs and poor healthcare, but to some degree perhaps the war factors in now with so many mobilized.   
   Your age is a factor.  Women over a certain age...  Those, mostly are the ones who go to Turkey looking for men, I suppose, unless they drink a lot and party at beach resorts.  A young Ukrainian guy many years ago, asked me about the possibility of finding an American woman.  I explained to him:  "Marry grandma!"  he exclaimed.  That was the end of it, right there.
On the positive side, it can be easy to find very educated, literate and witty, Ukrainian men.  Again, its somewhat riskier to trust them.  The chances of additional girlfriends would be high.  And things are bad enough in Ukraine so the single Ukrainian looking for a ticket to the West is more common again, after that went away for many years prior to the recent depression (yeah, it was a depression, not a recession in Ukraine, unlike most other countries.)   The penalties for domestic violence are much smaller in Ukraine, by the way. 
Seeking Russian Language School or Russian Language Tutor in Kiev Please! Recommendations, anyone? :)
This link doesn't work anymore. :-[ I am looking to adopt a very small dog, like a chihuahua. I may have to buy him since I don't see any small dogs in my searches. What are some pet shops, breeders or shelters to find a chihuahua, please? Thank you in advance.
I can't predict when I will meet my husband or where, but obviously, men come here explicitly to meet Ukrainian women to marry. As a single American woman (my mom is Ukrainian) I am so fearful of the dating scene here. If I can't find a suitable partner I may reconsider moving here. The women in Russia say it's so dire they go to Turkey, even Gaza for men. (I read articles on dating in Moscow, since that was the other job offer I had.) What is the dating scene like for expat women in Kiev? Should I mail order a husband from abroad:)? ???
If a person's mother been born in Lviv before the second world war (Poland at the time), is that person eligible for residency or citizenship?
1.  Only Talk

If you don't know who Felix H. Sater is, perhaps you should.  He was born in Moscow.  He is a twice-convicted felon in US courts.  He worked with Trump in real estate development for more than a decade.  And he was one of the men who helped to arrange a "peace plan" offered to the Trump White House, that would end all Ukraine-related sanctions, and legitimize Russian occupation of Crimea for at least 50 years.

In his second conviction -- for millions of dollars of stock fraud -- he evaded prison time by providing the FBI with information that assisted in the convictions of about 20 other criminals.

Paul Wood, in the UK journal Spectator, just 5 days ago:

For several weeks there have been rumours that Sater is ready to rat again, agreeing to help Mueller.  "He has told family and friends he knows he and POTUS are going to prison," someone talking to Mueller?s investigators informed me.

This information is obviously at least second or third hand, and Sater seems to be a self-important blowhard:  a real-life gangster who sounds like the gangsters on film.

Sater, by the way, says that there was no collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.  But the subject on which Sater is presently cooperating with law enforcement isn't collusion, it's money laundering.  Trump and his businesses have a long checkered history of association with money laundering, which has never brought about criminal charges against Trump ... yet.

2.  On the Threshold of Crime

Although Trumpniks seem not to believe that it is of any importance, Trump created an apparent case against himself for obstruction of justice (a Federal felony, 18 U.S. Code S 1505) in association with his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

But almost incredibly (though no degree of Trump bizarreness is implausible), he may have done it again.

Several sources to whom the conversation was described have told the NY Times of a phone conversation between Trump and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, which degenerated into the shouting of profanities.

Trump reportedly berated McConnell for failure of the Senate to pass a new health bill -- normal political squabbling.  However, Trump also reportedly vented his fury on McConnell for failing to protect him from Congressional investigations (separate from the Department of Justice investigation under Mueller's lead).

Trump has also insinuated a threat to McConnell's position of majority leader.  [Trump likes to threaten obliquely in mobster fashion.]  Now, it turns out that attempting to corruptly influence a Congressional investigation is just as much a Federal felony, as attempting to corruptly influence a court or grand jury proceeding.

Making an obstruction of justice charge stick is difficult, and it depends a lot on interpretation, and persuasiveness.

However, if both of these situations can be legally construed to cross the line, they would reinforce each other:  by demonstrating a pattern of obstructing justice, each case would make the other stronger.

Is there anything of substance there?  Don't worry, Trumpniks!  Robert Mueller and his team of highly experienced lawyers will be examining all of the evidence, with great care and diligence.
Visa and Immigration / Getting permanent residency
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Hi. I have a question for the experts. I was married in UA in 2002 and have lived in USA since. I am thinking about getting a PR(permanent residency). Do I still have to get a TRP? If so , am I allowed to go back to usa before  I get PR while on TRP?
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