Author Topic: Best travel method to surrounding countries?  (Read 529 times)

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Re: Best travel method to surrounding countries?
« Reply #15 on: 18:07 15-May-2017 »
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Crakow you can also visit during winter time. May be, even best season, also for cultural events, like Jazz clubs or Classics.
Visit the old university, and the museum inside. Look for the horn of the last unicorn from the hill of the kings castle :-).
Easy (and cheap) to get there by train.
Prague is a _MUST_, I think. During spring, summer, autumn.

Krakow...biggest and best outdoor Christmas market in Europe! If you want that western Christmas feeling before the Ukrainian New Year's celebration time, Krakow has the Christmas spirit from mid-November onwards.

I dont have any Warsaw endorcements so maybe I will scratch that one off the list.  As I look at the map maybe I can do something like Keiv-lvov-Krakow-prague-return
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Re: Best travel method to surrounding countries?
« Reply #16 on: 21:44 15-May-2017 »
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Hmm, I haven't been, but I would probably pick Prague

In the late 1980s I was asked to go to Czechoslovakia by our government in an administrative capacity. 

An angry female train agent, escorted by two armed guards, booted me off of the train before I reached Prague, not at a train station, but in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night.  (They did this to F--k around, which was a standard game at the time.)  I ended up in a random village (no clue as to what the name of the village is to this day).  My train ticket and passport were confiscated and I had to find my way back to Western Europe (by train after a few days).  It was the first time I saw an AK47, barrel first.

Since that time, Prague has left a bad taste in my mouth though I know it's a completely different place now.  I had to sleep on the concrete benches with the alcoholic vagrants in the town -- they were harmless enough. It sucked.  It was freezing.  And totally unfamiliar.  It was a scene out of hell for the villagers.  When I think of the USSR, I think of my own experiences, having seen it first-hand.  I got to go home; but those poor people just rotted there; a cold hard depression worn into their dirty and tired faces.

After it became the Czech Republic I had a chance to visit, and the center of Prague is historic and nice, but the surrounding areas are standard decaying communist buildings.   I visited a family there living in flat the size of a broom closet -- just depressing.  I've never seen anything quite as bad in Ukraine in terms of living quarters.  The building was like a concrete beehive with dog-kennel sized apartments and mattresses on the floor were entire families slept in their "flat" communist prison.
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