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Correct.   :D

Very low hanging bollocks? 


"sarcastic, bullshitters"?

Welcome to Expatua! You've come to the right place.   :D

Winter here can be a drag.  I understand.
Greetings all-

Social isolation has driven me to :)

I'm a 40 year old married English man living in Ukraine. House, car, wife and kids etc, yet funnily enough not a lot of friends.

I'm looking to form a small army of witty, sarcastic, bullshitters to sit in pubs on weekends and talk nonsense.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament and seek out fun and rowdiness, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm in Odessa but prepared to travel if adventure lies ahead.

Biggest load of loblocks ever! Ashamed to be British.  >:( >:( >:( >:(

It was about time this loophole would be closed.
Planes, trains and automobiles / Re: 2 vehicles on TRP?
« Last Post by frank1010 on Today at 09:49 »
That is about PRP which allows you to permanently bring in your household tax free ... yes I am aware that rules keep changing. Re TRP you are allowed to bring in household tax free within first 6 months after TRP starts (i was told this when I brought my household AFTER 6 months and this border customs wanted me to pay for everything ...). A car/vehicle you may bring in anytime and keep it for one year ... but I dont know if this applies to two vehicles (car and motorcycle). Anyway I will check with a broker ...
Planes, trains and automobiles / Re: 2 vehicles on TRP?
« Last Post by Ron-n-Sveta on Today at 07:11 »
hello frank and Bob last year I just went thru customs and I also brought a pickup, 2 motorcycles and a boat. I had to pay customs on 1 motorcycle and the boat. boat due to the size and as my broker told me to import on a prp can import 1 each item. tax free. as far as i know this was all i paid . however from my understanding tpr rules are basly the same. for more convrete answers as we know the laws and rues always changes contact a broker imo. also remember there are rules as to how long yo owned the items also
Not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post -- so mods please move to wherever! Thx

End of temporary admission: The draft law on the legalization of cars on evronomerah REJECTED !!!

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Ukrainian News / British Court Rules Ukraine Owes Russia $3 billion
« Last Post by Reggie on Yesterday at 23:32 »

<< In Ukraine vs. Russia on Wednesday, a U.K. court said Kiev still owes the Russians a cool $3 billion. 

Russia lent Ukraine the money in 2013 under former President Viktor Yanukovich in the form of a Eurobond governed by English law. The money was mostly set up for Gazprom to be paid by Naftogaz, Ukraine's state run energy giant.

In his ruling today, British Judge William Blair said, "Ultimately this is a claim for repayment of debt instruments to which the court has held there is no justifiable defense. It would not be right to order the case to go forward to a full trial in these circumstances." >>

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