Author Topic: Proving financial security when entering the country as an American  (Read 605 times)

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And they're called MAGAZINES.  One fills Mags with clips.
Okay, thx. I think my most recent gun experience (other than dodging bullets) was when my dad made me learn to shoot an AK when I was 13. lol. i guess he was satisfied w/ that b/c i'm pretty sure it was the final gun he had me learn  :D
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Do you have any link about these supposedly confiscated laptops/tablets ?

Neither the Department of Homeland Security nor the U.S. Department of Justice provide "links" for "supposedly" confiscated laptops just because salty French guys complain on Expatua.  In fact, they never do, whether you are French or not. 

For those with the ability to read, however, the U.S. Government's criminal enforcement arm has provided an official press release on BNP's criminal conviction: 

"BNP Paribas (UkrsibBank's parent company) went to elaborate lengths to conceal prohibited transactions, cover its tracks, and deceive U.S. authorities. These actions represent a serious breach of U.S. law.  BNP ignored US sanctions laws and concealed its tracks. And when contacted by law enforcement it chose not to fully cooperate," Deputy Attorney General Cole said.

It was largest monetary sanction -- and guilty plea for engaging in criminal behavior -- against a bank; for knowingly aiding terrorists for years nonetheless.   

While BNP/UkrsibBank covered its tracks, lying to the DOJ and its customers, befuddled Expats were writing wondering what was going on, some trying to get their money back, some trying to open bank accounts and start their dream in Ukraine without knowledge of what was happening:

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I emailed Ukrsibbank yesterday and this as a reply:
Ukrsibbank now does not open accounts for US citizens. As far as I know some other banks might open such accounts but we can not.
I can help you with legislation questions (maybe it will be useful for you if you open an account in another bank)

Of course, while the bank was dicking-around its customers, including Expats, none of the Frenchies came here to warn other Expats of the real nature of what the bank had done, the criminal investigation against it, and the consequences. 

And none of the Frenchies came to explain to Expats why their cards had suddenly been canceled. 

Okay, I get it.  Everytime the subject of BNP (a French bank) comes up, you (a French guy) tries to confuse the issues.  But the reason I joined this site is to actually help other Expats, to have them actually help me, and to do it all in a friendly way (when and where possible).

Look, You stick to your area of expertise:
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I'll stick to mine: 
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"French Bank BNP Paribas Agreed in June to Plead Guilty a criminal charge and to pay a record $8.97 billion fine."
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When a bank pleads guilty to a serious crime, and gets hit with a $8.97 billion fine, I don't come onto internet forums like a dick and nudge other Expats into opening an account with that bank or keeping their money in an unsafe place.  It's not my style.  I don't think screwing with the average person's hopes and dreams is fair play.  The last thing someone that is getting married here, or buying a house here, needs is to get stuck in some bullsh-t like this, with a dishonest criminal bank.

What I do appreciate, are people like the chap below, that explained some of the issues he was having with that bank:

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I wasn't trying to be funny in earlier post. I posted here because it was Ukrsib bank I had problems with, in their foreigner's branch.  I don't care if the "bank associate" is cute or sweet or like's when i bring her flowers. I expect a trustworthy person
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