Author Topic: Getting visa after overstay  (Read 206 times)

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Getting visa after overstay
« on: 19:53 11-Oct-2017 »
Hi all,

US citizen here. Apologize if this is a common question, but the rules appear to have changed recently. To cut a long story short, I've overstayed by a bit over a month (on two separate passports). It's my first ever overstay. There is a company in Ukraine that wants to hire me. They consulted a lawyer, who said I should go to the Migration Service, admit I overstayed, and pay the fine to avoid a hassle at the airport. Then I should exit the country to apply for a Category D visa in order to return and then subsequently get a work/residency permit.

Here's my concern: Provided I have all the necessary documents to apply for Category D, what are the chances I will be denied a visa because of my overstay (i.e. because I've been banned from entering for 3 months)? I've heard stories of an overstay not preventing a person from receiving a visa, but most of these cases were family reunification visas (i.e. the foreign visa applicant had a Ukrainian spouse). Thoughts?

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Re: Getting visa after overstay
« Reply #1 on: 20:38 11-Oct-2017 »
Provided they don't ban you, you're good to go. 

Stay out for 90 days, all is forgiven.
Get a visa, all is forgiven.

Which ever consulate you go to won't even ask (if they even notice).  Just have all the required docs when you go.

I overstayed for 45 days once.  Went directly to the immigration office at the airport (KBP) and told them I needed to pay.  They were terrific, even hustled it through so I could catch my flight.  Wish I'd gotten there earlier, they were also nice to look at.

The overstay was a non issue when it was time for the visa.
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Re: Getting visa after overstay
« Reply #2 on: 20:45 11-Oct-2017 »
If this company that wants to hire you is for an English teaching position... BEWARE.  They seem to promise alot but deliver little including wages.
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Re: Getting visa after overstay
« Reply #3 on: 04:49 12-Oct-2017 »
It is not so easy.  Some embassies / consulates check before issuing the visa D.  So you do have a risk.  There is just unfortunately nothing you can really do about it.